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Bless Our Nest

June 8, 2013

As many of you may know, we had to move out of our house for two months while our house repairs were being completed.  Well, we moved back into our house at the end of March and we are thrilled.  Now that we have had time to get settled in, we decided to have a house blessing and open house to welcome all of our friends, family and neighbors to celebrate with us and to thank them all for praying and supporting us through this trying time.  Of course, I love any excuse to plan a party and since we were in the apartment for the twins’ birthday, this was a great opportunity for me.


I wanted to do a “Bless Our Nest” theme and I’ve been obsessing over orange and teal so I went to work on Pinterest pinning all my ideas.  My talented sister designed my custom invites which turned out absolutely perfect and I was able to get all my decorations and such in just a few stores.

I was so very happy with how everything turned out and it was absolutely wonderful to be surrounded with some of our closest friends for such a special day.  Monsignor Mark said a wonderful blessing and then went into each room to bless them individually.  He even joked with Noah a bit when he asked him if he had made his bed before going in to bless it.

Thanks so much to everyone again who could attend and also to those who prayed with us.  God has blessed us abundantly with such a strong faith family.  We Love you all.

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