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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey – Fully Charged: A Review

December 4, 2011

This is the first year that we attended the circus on opening night–it was my husband and I, our 7 year twins, their 7 year neighbor friend plus our 4 year old so we had a big crew.  We had told each of the kids that they could get one snack each and of course they wanted them right when we got there–when the lines are crazy long so I missed the first couple of minutes of the show getting popcorn.

It started off with the juggling acts directly in front of us.  I’m always amazed at what these performers can do and the number of disks/pins that they can keep in the air.  Next, was the equestrian acts and I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with this portion.   The horses directly in front of us didn’t seem to be cooperating with their trainer (they must be 7 year olds–LOL!)  The rest of the performances were absolutely amazing and did not disappoint!

Twin Turbines of StellThe tightrope act was one of my favorites–the way they balance is truly awesome to watch!  Our neighbor was really enjoying all the clown acts and I’ve got to say they are fun to watch for kids and adults alike.  My husband’s favorite was the spinning pendulums–I think the official name is the “Twin Turbines of Steel”.

After intermission, the tiger act sure kept me on my toes–I don’t know if it’s part of the act but there were a few times when the tigers roared and seemed to be rebelling.  My biggest fear would be to see those tigers attack the trainer during the performance–I don’t think I could ever recover from watching something like that and would hate to think how it might affect my kids.

I didn’t know it at the time, as my husband and I were separated by 4 kids, but my little guy was done by this time.  It was of course bedtime and even the fun of the circus can’t keep a tired four year old from getting crabby.  The evening ended with some amazing gymnastics that my daughter was entranced with being a budding gymnast herself.  The number of flips these guys could do in a row was incredible.  The human cannon added an extra element to the act when they set the guy on fire before launching him into the air.

Human Cannon

Overall, it was a fantastic experience–the kids really had a good time and so did the adults.  I do think that choosing a time that didn’t extend past bedtime would be a better option for the younger ones.  If you have a chance to go I would definitely recommend it!

This year I am excited to be participating as a Feld Family Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and opportunities to attend private Feld pre-Show events.  Even though I receive these benefits, I will always give an opinion that is 100% my own.

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  1. January 12, 2012 9:44 am

    Looks like a wonderful show! I think my daughter would enjoy it.

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