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Summer, Summer, Summertime!!

June 3, 2010

So it’s June already!!  The kids have been out of school for one week now and they are having a blast!!  The twins are staying home with their aunt who is staying with us this summer while she’s on a break from college.  Now as you might have guessed from my previous post on Limiting Screen Time I absolutely refuse to let them sit around and watch TV or play video games all summer.  So I went toTarget and picked up the essential summer play items – blow up pool, Slip N Slide and a wiggly sprinkler thing so they can play outside to their hearts content.  The kids still have the opportunity to use their coupons for screen time but they have to earn it through their responsibility chart.

Now, being a former teacher I want to make sure they get some “classsroom” time this summer as well.  That is why last week I made a trip to United Art and Education to stock up on some great educational stuff.  I got a “Summer Express” workbook for each of them which is specifically designed for the transition from kindergarten to first grade.  They are supposed to do 2 pages each day for 10 weeks and they are pretty quick activities so they won’t feel like they are still in school.  They even provide a sticker chart to complete each week which is pretty fun for the kids.  In addition to that I picked up a couple of journals for the kids to write in each day with some journal prompts that are designed to be silly and fun called “Write Abouts”.  The first week I have asked them to write just one sentence in their journal and will gradually build up the number of sentences each week.  Lastly, I had them each set a daily independant reading goal (I made them do a minimum of 10 minutes).  I picked up some books at the Half Price Book Store and they have a great program for kids–if they read for 15 minutes for 5 days during the week they can get a $3 card to buy a book.

Now, all of these things take less than 30 minutes per day and the rest can be spent playing outside, in their playroom or even using their media coupons to watch TV or play video games.  We are literally 4 days into this program and already I am getting negative feedback from the kids.  Really, 30 minutes–is that too much to ask?  I don’t think so, am I right?  I’m not sure how their kindergarten teachers managed to keep them engaged for 7 hours during the day because I’m getting grief over 30 minutes.  Anyway, we will keep plugging away and I’ll let you know if things get any better.

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